Configuration and Release Management

Configuration and Release Management takes a lot of time and requires extreme attention for each step. Potentially, problems arise because of error-prone human activities. Automation helps these steps to be repeatable and effective like never before.

About Configuration and Release Management Service

why we do

The idea behind Everything as Code concept is that infrastructure, security, compliance and operations are all described and treated like application code in a way that they follow the same software development lifecycle practices.


Storing your config in git implies controls are in place to track who / why a config has changed. Changes can be applied and reverted and are tracked to a single user who made the change.


Moving from one cloud provider to another should be simple in modern application development. By storing everything as code, infrastructure can be re-created quickly in various providers.


Infra and code can be rolled out, validated and promoted into production environments with confidence and assurance since it will behave as expected. No more patches in production. 

Phoenix Server 

No more fear of a servers’ configuration drifting. If a server needs to be patched or randomly dies, it is OK. Just create it again from the stored configuration.

Configuration and Release Management Best Practices


Pipeline as Code


Infrastructure as Code


Configuration as Code

Configuration and Release Management Tools