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Orchestration and Kubernetes


2 Days

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Virtual Class Training

The training will take place in live virtual format. You can attend the training from any location by using web conference tools.


November 7-8, 2024


2 Days

10:00 to 17:00


750 USD + VAT

5% discount is valid when you apply 30 days before the training.

Training Content

Here is the curriculum of the course including, but not limited to;

What is Containerization and Kubernetes?

Get introduced to concept and basics. Create your own image and run as container

Install Kubernetes on Cloud (Azure) and on On-Prem (Minikube)

Kubernetes Basics

Cluster Setup

Node Architecture

Pod, Deployment & Service Definitions

Getting hands dirty

Service Types and Use Cases

Effective networking. LivenessProbes & ReadinessProbes. Healthchecks. Quotas and Limits. Pod Lifecycles. Labels. Environment Variables

Volume Management

StatefulSets, DaemonSets, Ingress

Config Map

Node Affinity & Anti-Affinity

Auto Scaling

Ingress, Sets, Affinity, Secrets, RBAC. Managing TLS Certificates. Learn best practices in each topic

Introduction to Service Mesh

An efficient architecture


Prior attendance to “Containerization and Docker Training” or experience in containerization is not required but strongly suggested to a have better understanding.

Course benefits

Main and key takeaways of the training are as following:

Get introduced to Container Orchestration

Learn about using Kubernetes along with Benefits

Learn how to effectively use  Node, Pod, Volume, Healthcheck etc.

Learn how to auto-scale containers with Kubernetes

Learn how to deploy Kubernetes Cluster to Cloud or On-Premise

Do lots of exercises and implement scenarios

Who should attend?

This is a special training which is recommended but not limited to professionals with following titles:

DevOps Engineers

Software Engineers

Technical Test Engineers

Software and Enterprise Architects

Software Development Managers

IT & Enterprise Architecture Managers

System Analysts

Project Managers

Orchestration and Kubernetes

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