DevOps State Report Turkey 2020-2021

We are thrilled to announce that DevOps State Report Turkey 2020 – 2021 is now available. The report contributes to DevOps success in the IT industry through market research and analysis. This year, DevOps State Report Turkey research has reached hundreds of IT professionals from every seniority level nearly doubling the number of respondents compared to last year. Not only respondents increased, but also the number of questions asked. Report has brand new questions and more diverse choices from now on. We think such a change helps us to better understand the current status and maturity of the industry in terms of DevOps. You can download the report free of charge below.


DevOps State Report Turkey 2019-2020

DevOps State Report, the first DevOps report of Turkey, has been published in November 2019. More than 200 IT professionals from 9 different sectors have joined and contributed to the research, focusing on DevOps maturity. You can download the report free of charge below to discover the insights about DevOps maturity and digital transformation processes of organizations that adopt DevOps approaches in Turkey.