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DASA® Deep Dive Video with Åsmund Sire

Video Chapters

1. How does your vision on Outsourcing relates to DASA’s Competence Model? (0:04)
2. What have you seen companies do well, and what could have been done to prevent some things from going wrong? (2:31)
3. What kind of agreement (knowledge and skills) are required to get the best outsourcing results? (5:25)
4. How is this different from traditional procurement activities? (7:29)
5. How do you track and monitor individual and team performance? (9:45)

Åsmund Sire


Åsmund Sire works as a senior advisor for Infocom Group AS, an independent provider of advisory services for the private and public sector, mainly in the Nordic region. He has an extensive track record of work within strategy (Digital/IT), sourcing and IT/Digital Governance for as diverse industries as finance, telecom, transportation, aviation, media and public sectors.