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DASA® Deep Dive Video – John Ruppel

Video Chapters

1. You have quite some experience in guiding organizations in their DevOps transformations. What are your key learnings from these experiences? (0:02)
2. What trends do you see? Are there any specific pitfalls or success factors you can pinpoint? (2:04)
3. How does DASA DevOps Coach play a role in today’s transformations? (5:29)
4. Should organizations develop internal DevOps Coaching capabilities or find them externally instead? (8:01)
5. How important is transformational leadership for implementing DevOps successfully? (11:05)
6. 3 questions you should ask yourself and your organization, if you plan to adopt DevOps or Agile. (13:15)

John Ruppel

Transformation Leader / Officer

John Ruppel is a Transformation Leader / Officer who has been ‘Transforming Your Ideas Into Reality’ (TYIIR) for the world’s leading individuals, organizations and governments. His experiences include: DevOps / DevSecOps, Digital Transformations, CICD, Agile, global disruptive technology development programs, mission-critical critical business initiatives, government programs and operations. He believes in DASA and supports DASA’s global community, philosophy, instruments, and principles.