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DASA® Deep Dive Video With Julian Stevenson

Video Chapters

1. How does an organisation effectively prepare its workforce for an agile devops transformation? (0:05)
2. How can leaders influence executives to support a move to DevOps? (1:18)
3. Has the current climate placed a greater need on organizations to digitally transform and understand new ways to work across increasingly distributed workforces? (4:19)
4. Why did you build your program on DASA Fundamentals? (7:16)
Looking at RMIT’s customers, what do you see as trends regarding up-and-reskilling IT professionals? (11:34)

Julian Stevenson

Product Director

Julian combines a strong technical background with a history and passion for driving successful commercial outcomes. He has delivered award-winning new products, built and supported large global systems, and in more recent years at Envato, led a product group across one of Australia’s most successful new companies. Julian has successfully built and launched industry-leading products to the commercial credit sector, as well as driving revenue growth, cost savings, and product improvements across many different sectors including digital media, e-commerce, business information, and financial services.