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DevOps Voices - Why DevOps Teams Can’t Thrive Without Leaders

There isn’t a single skill area or knowledge area of the DASA Competence Model that is more important than another. It is not uncommon, however, to find organizations focusing much more or some while overlooking the relevance of others. This can be challenging. The DASA Competence Model emphasizes the importance of ensuring all key are covered for successful DevOps transformations to take place.

In this episode of DevOps Voices, the ELF Chairman and DASA Competence Model co-architect Rik Farenhorst demonstrates the crucial role that DevOps leaders play in creating high-performing teams. There are many ways of achieving DevOps success. They all have, however, one thing in common: good leadership. Don’t miss this episode if you have ever wondered what DevOps leaders do and why it’s so impactful.

Dimitri van den Broek

Founding Member of DASA®

Dimitri van den Broek is a Founding Member of DASA® and works closely with the global DASA® community to drive and expand DASA®’s solutions for successful DevOps transformations built on value-creation teams. Dimitri is a driving force behind the rapid global adoption of DASA and spearheading the DASA® DevOps Coach program.
Dimitri is a frequent speaker on High Performing DevOps teams and organizes DASA® DevOps Meetups around the world.
Dimitri works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Rik Farenhorst

Founder of Rethink Digital Chairman of DASA Enterprise Leadership Forum

Via his company Rethink Digital, Rik’s main passion is helping organizations to survive in this digital era, i.e. help them accelerate and improve by smartly leveraging new digital capabilities.
Over the past decade, Rik has created and delivered many trainings on various leading IT trends and paradigms. He has coached many experts, leaders, teams, and organizations on their digital transformation journeys. Earlier, as a business unit manager at Xebia he helped many large organizations to accelerate and improve by smartly leveraging new digital capabilities. During these years, during which he also helped bootstrap various startups (e.g. Instruqt), he became one of the leading figures in the fast-evolving world of DevOps.