You cannot manage what you cannot measure. From test to production environment, a trustworthy monitoring infrastructure provides valuable insights regarding system state and user behavior.

About Monitoring Services

why we do

There are basically three layers for an effective monitoring; Network, Server and Application. Each layer provides a different type of information for probable problems and bottlenecks. Not just to observe the problems, but also take proactive position before a problem arises.

It is even possible to support business decisions using analytics tool on application layer. Returns are much further than investment for such an attempt.

Continium helps its customers to build a strong and prosperous monitoring infrastructure and tech relevant units how to use and enhance monitoring capabilities.

       Better Business Decisions

             Reduced Down-time

       Improved User Experience

   Faster Mean Time to Recovery

                Saving Resources

    Efficient Root-Cause Analysis

Monitoring Layers


Application Monitoring

Implementing effective application monitoring allows your organization to quickly detect application, service, or process problems and take action to eliminate downtime for your application users.

Server Monitoring

Implementing effective server monitoring, it is important Increased server, services, process, and application availability. Fast detection of network and server outages and protocol failures.

Network Monitoring

When it comes to open source network monitoring, the network for problems caused by overloaded data links or network connections, as well as monitoring routers, switches and more.

Monitoring Tools