Test Automation

Test Automation replaces manual testing with robust, relentless and quick robotic execution. It can be applied to any test level and test type from unit to system, functional to non-functional tests with a number of different tools.

About Test Automation Services

why we do

Continium offers a solid test automation approach to its business partners with the help of extensive experience in the area. Continium aims to run test suites with the least possible false-positive rate. Leveraging trust to the automation. 

As it is the heart of the Continuous Delivery, test automation should be counted the very first stage to invest in for a transformation. Providing effort efficiency and faster execution time.

             Better Test Coverage

              Regression Analysis

              Lifecycle for CI/CD

                Faster Execution

         Less Human Dependency

                Decreased Defects

Test Automation Steps


Automated Unit Tests


Automated Component Tests


Automated Integration Tests


Automated GUI Tests


Automated Non-Functional Tests

Test Automation Tools