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DevOps Voices - Leading as a Coach: Driving DevOps Culture To Success

Is there a single organization that doesn’t want to build capability throughout the organization? Probably not. Yet, many neglect the importance of leadership in accomplishing it. This is also the case for a great number of organizations transitioning to a DevOps way of working. This has been overlooked in part because DevOps leaders don’t necessarily look like as you imagine they do. This role has greatly developed in the last few years. Times have changed and leaders as Coaches are in increasing demand. This move away from traditional practices is not surprising. It has been shown after all that such leaders are more capable of furthering employee engagement and lowering resistance to change while increasing readiness to embrace it.

No one concerned with leadership should miss this conversation with the experienced IT Management Advisor, Daniel Breston. Discover how DevOps leaders benefit from reinventing themselves as Coaches and get some key tips and tricks on how to create a genuine learning culture.

Dimitri van den Broek

Founding Member of DASA®

Dimitri van den Broek is a Founding Member of DASA® and works closely with the global DASA® community to drive and expand DASA®’s solutions for successful DevOps transformations built on value-creation teams. Dimitri is a driving force behind the rapid global adoption of DASA and spearheading the DASA® DevOps Coach program.
Dimitri is a frequent speaker on High Performing DevOps teams and organizes DASA® DevOps Meetups around the world.
Dimitri works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Daniel Breston

IT Management Advisor

With 40+ years of international technology management experience, as a CIO and other titles, Daniel Breston has a personal awareness of the challenges being faced by technology masters. His capability and know-how have helped a wide array of professions overcome these concerns in his role as IT Management Advisor.